Top 10 Benefits of Delivering Your Training Online

Do you need to get important learning across to lots of people in one go but haven’t yet embraced the power of online learning? In our tips below we’ll give you ten reasons why now is the time to create your own eLearning course. It’s simple, cost-effective and reaps huge results. And the best part? If you enlist the help of an eLearning specialist like eCoach, you can leave the hard work to somebody else!

  • Online courses are lockdown-proof – The COVID-19 pandemic has forced societies the world over to take cover and there’s no certainty that this will be over any time soon. Being unable to deliver training face-to-face – or even planning properly due to continuously changing regulations – eLearning makes your training a safe bet. During the first UK lockdown, over 3,000 teachers were still able to access Show Racism the Red Card’s (SRTRC) equality course; something that simply couldn’t have happened in-person. The Football Association of Wales (FAW) also saw more than a 300% increase in referee recruitment during the pandemic thanks to online courses.
  • Runs alongside in-person training for blended learning Online courses complement face-to-face training perfectly and deepen learning. People have different learning styles, so blending learning offers a diverse range of activity styles and information-assimilation to suit everyone. You can link the online and offline worlds by bringing activities to life or, like Sport Wales, create blended learning courses that ensure learners are able to download frameworks from the online course to take along with them to training sessions.
  • eLearning is flexible and accessible – Online courses present learning in bite-sized chunks, meaning complete flexibility for learners to access the course when and how they want. As one eLearner describes: “Being able to take the course at your own pace is really convenient.” Courses, like those built using eCoach, can also be completed on any device. So what does all of this mean for an organisation like you? A wide, grateful audience who can fit your course around their busy lives. The courses are flexible for you, as well, as they can be updated and repurposed whenever you need.
  • You will make and save money for your organisation – Every £1 invested in online learning results in £30 of savings for organisations. Moving across to digital platforms is not only safer and more reliable in these unusual times, it also saves on venue hire fees, delivery costs and expenses associated with face-to-face training. Across the life of the FAW project, it is estimated that the organisation will save around £40,000!
  • Strengthen trust and awareness of your brand – Online learning has increased by 900% in the last decade. This is how your target audience is learning, so why not get with the times and join them?! Having your brand at their fingertips and making it easy to share with their colleagues and friends online will ensure your organisation has its finger on the pulse. You can also gather and analyse data from the course in order to understand your audiences more deeply and better serve them. And if you needed yet another reason of how eLearning can boost reputation in our conscientious society, it can even reduce an organisation’s training carbon footprint by around 85%!
  • Educate new audiences with your important messaging eLearning has the power to inform and empower your audiences. Your message, whatever it may be, is important and deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. Did you know that users learn five times more through online learning than they would through face-to-face sessions? Delivering it through micro-learning is more effective for retention of learning. SRTRC learners found their “eye-opening” and “thought-provoking” course “very informative and good at challenging preconceived ideas”. How will your product change people’s lives and opinions?
  • You’ll witness huge engagement Take referee recruitment as an example. Since launching in 2017, annual sign-up onto FAW’s referee training courses has almost quadrupled. Why? Online learning is asynchronous, which means you can reach a lot of people in one hit without tying people to a set schedule; one course, 24/7, one place of delivery… the internet.
  • Retain and reward your staff Smart employers use online learning to reward and retain their staff with professional development opportunities. By creating eLearning courses for their valuable employees, organisations demonstrate their commitment to nurturing their working relationships through exciting and meaningful learning opportunities. And the great news is, social learning through forums provides a real sense of community and peer-support.
  • You can let others do the hard work for you – If all of this is sounding like a lot of effort, fear not; there are experts ready and waiting to create your course with you and for you. It’s their job and they are passionate about eLearning! You have the expertise about your organisation and subject matter. Organisations like eCoach have the expertise to bring that vision to life and help you grow. “They haven’t just come in and developed a product and left us to it,” explains Sue Schofield, Education Manager at SRTRC. “They were involved in building the course and platform, setting everything up and now manage it all too! They keep the momentum going, answer technical queries from users and supply us with quarterly reports. It all means I don’t have to worry about any of it.”
  • And last but not least… it’s fun! – With videos, interactive content, quizzes, infographics and social learning all built into eCourses, your users will genuinely enjoy the learning process. FAW Referees Manager, Phil Thomas, explains: “It just makes referee recruitment less stale and so much more modern and user friendly.” So throw away the textbooks and long days spent in a stuffy room, it’s time instead to get stuck in to gamification.

If these benefits sound like something you feel ready to embrace, drop us a message and find out how you can bring the powerful world of eLearning to your organisation’s audiences. Your clients are ready, are you?

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