The Changing Face of Learning 

Since the advent of the novel Coronavirus, our way of life has inevitably changed. From shopping in the supermarket and taking our children to school, to how we communicate with our friends and families. 

Sport has been no exception. The days of teams playing on a pitch seem like a distant memory, and we are all eagerly awaiting the days that we can root for our favourite teams again. 

Here at eCoach, we are still helping companies to adapt and change with the times and embrace digital training. There are many diverse and agile methods to learning, and as we are no longer able to join colleagues at physical training sessions, logging on to online learning portals has become the new normal.  

 Organisations are hungry to be at the forefront of innovative, technology based approaches to the delivery of training and education – and this is where we at eCoach can help. 

 By creating a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS) and associated interactive online courses, sports organisations can increase participation in their training programmes, building the capacity of knowledgeable practitioners and a pool of skilled coaches and volunteers to help their sports grow. 

So – will embracing the ethos of digital training methodology last post lockdown? 

As behaviours change so will the expectations of your coaches, workforce and core audience, even as we break out of lock down. We think digital training is here to stay, and so do our clients. 

The FAW had savings of 80% by using online learning delivery, expecting to save approximately £40,000 in venue fees, expenses and delivery costs across the life cycle of their project with us. Over 95% of course users stated that they felt the courses were ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’, with 97% saying they were easy to navigate. 

 Organisations are sometimes nervous about embracing online learning, but there’s no doubt it’s the future of training – both during Covid 19 restrictions and in the world post the lockdown. It has a great impact on our planet and sustainability too,  with a reduction of 85% on an organisation’s carbon footprint.  

 We are here to help you navigate the digital training journey, and we firmly believe that online learning is here to stay! 

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