how much?

Even though we're in it for the joy our eLearning brings to countless users and organisations we've got to pay the bills so we can't do it all for free! However we think we've come up with the next best thing.....

Whatever your budget we have an approach that'll work for you.

eLearning can be expensive, paying one company to create content, another to design and host your portal and one more to design and implement you Learning Management System. Oh and what about technical support? By doing it all with us you save time and money.

We have a three pronged approach to costing projects, meaning you may not even have to pay anything out till your course goes live and you get to see then results

Take a look below for more info, all approaches include content production, web portal design and hosting and learning management system design and implementation.

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Traditional Approach

This approach is pretty simple, an organisation wants some high quality eLearning created, they find a supplier and pay an agreed cost. Nothing wrong with that!

The benefits of this approach are that once you’ve paid the amount agreed the content is yours to do with as you wish. 

The reason we prefer the approaches below is that we see eLearning as a continually changing and evolving journey and we want to help you all the way. By choosing one of the other approaches you enter a beneficial partnership with eCoach and you know you’ll always have our support.


The Licensing Approach

This approach is our most popular and it’s easy to see why!

Instead of paying a lump sum for services, organisations become an eCoach partner and pay a per user fee. This means that you don’t pay a penny upfront and won’t start paying for our services till users start benefiting from the online content.

The benefits of this approach are that you only start paying once the course is successful, so it puts you at ease, you can decide on your budget and can limit the number of users, meaning you’re in control and if you’re charging for content you can pitch the price above the per user fee, meaning that the courses won’t ever cost you a penny!  A support package for users is offered as part of this approach meaning you have full piece of mind.

However this approach isn’t available to everyone, to become a partner you’ll need to satisfy certain criteria, simply fill in the form below to find out more

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The subscription approach

A great approach for those dipping their toes into the elearning pool. This approach sees the cost of the project split up over an agreed term (min 4 years). 

Each year the organisation pays an agreed amount and in return receives a round of new content design, amends and a full support package.

The benefits of this approach are that everything is taken care of during the project term, the upfront costs are far lower than through the traditional approach and you know what you have to pay in advance so there are no nasty surprises.