ecoach academy

eCoach are committed to helping young, up and coming sports players, to maximise their potential, regardless of their background, by sponsoring their development.

Making a difference

The eCoach Academy aims to sponsor over 100 young sports players to help them buy kit, training equipment and enter competitions by 2023. 

We don’t think your background should define your potential and have committed to focusing 10% of all profits on levelling the playing field!

"It was so great to get some sponsorship to help pay for Bethany's costume and it made her feel 10ft tall to have sponsorship from a local company!'"
Rochelle Roberts
Mother of Bethany

Who can apply?

Anyone under the age of 18, who is linked to an affiliated club can apply. Simply fill in the details and the reasons a grant will benefit the young sports person. Applications are open all yr round and decisions made at the end of every quarter.

Grants of up to £150 are available in the first instance.

Our first member

Bethany Roberts is freestyle dancer from Swansea in South Wales. She was given a grant to help her buy dance costumes for a national competition.

Amazingly Bethany and her friend won both the Fast and Slow competitions! 

Apply here

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