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Become a qualified referee by taking one of our online courses, at a time and place that suits you!

"I really enjoyed doing the course. Even though I have been playing football for most of my life I learnt lots about the laws of the game that I didn't know before. I now feel confident and ready to referee my first game!'
Course participant


This course will enable you to referee at any age group across Wales. It explores all the Laws of the Game, using quizzes and videos to enhance your learning experience and includes a final, face to face session, where you’ll be introduced to a referee representative from your local area FA.

Press the ‘Take this course’ button below, purchase the course and you will be given a number of final face to face session to choose from in your area at the start of the online course.

This course costs £80, which includes a full referee kit.



Referee leaders' award

This new online course, launching early 2019, focuses on empowering  participants to referee youth football.

While it focuses on the Laws of the Game it also considers key scenarios that are likey to occur at this level and best ways to deal with those.

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